Calderdale / Calder Valley Flood Relief

Boxing Day… A day to relax and eat left over food, drink and be Merry? For many of us yes… for many in the Calderdale & Calder Valley Area, a day they will never forget.


Calderdale communities woke up on Boxing Day to devastating floods. Businesses,homes & bridges were destroyed by water, but that didn’t stop the residents and local community coming together to get through it. We have been amazed by the unity of Calderdale and the help and support given by so many. It is a privilege to be part of such an amazing and determined community.


To help a little towards getting the community back on it’s feet, we have donated a little time to PAT Testing all the electrical appliances that are donated at the dedicated service within our Big Sister Company – Croft Myl, set up by the amazing Community Foundation for Calderdale. They are asking for donations of white goods, so please do help where you can. It would be massively appreciated on behalf of all the residents of Calderdale who have been affected.


In addition to the white goods donation, Community Foundation for Calderdale are aiming to raise £1 million to help the community, with an additional match fund from the Government. Donations can be made here;