Pat Testing

Everyday wear and tear on portable electrical appliances can cause damage resulting in the risk of electric shock or even fire.... Read More

Fixed Wire Testing

Electrical installations can deteriorate with use and age, and periodic fixed wire testing is vital to ensure the safety of users and the safety and s... Read More

Emergency Light Testing

Emergency lighting should operate automatically and give adequate light to enable a safe evacuation of the building, and employers are responsible for... Read More

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Our periodic tests comply fully with the requirements set out in BS5839.... Read More

Fire Extinguishers

In line with the requirements of British Standard Code of Practice BS 5306 Part 3, Circuit Electrical Testing provides a qualified fire extinguisher m... Read More

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is an important diagnostic tool, producing infrared, or “heat” pictures showing up problem hot spots within an electrical system.... Read More

Remedial Work

A test report is not a ‘pass’ certificate. It is a detailed technical document itemising the process of inspection and testing carried out, and re... Read More

Lightning Protection

It is estimated that lightning strikes the ground in the UK over 300,000 times a year, presenting significant risks to both people and property...... Read More

Hazardous Area Testing

It is vital to ensure safe inspection and testing procedures for electrical equipment installed in potentially explosive environments. Failure to impl... Read More