Why Your Smoke Alarm Should Be Tested Regularly

Every Tuesday we send out a post on our social media about getting involved with ‘Test it Tuesday’ which is a quick reminder for everyone to check their smoke alarms on a weekly basis.

Smoke alarms are an inexpensive way to protect yourself, your family and your home from smoke and fire injuries; however, to ensure safety, it’s recommended that you check that your smoke alarms are working on a regular basis so you don’t get caught out and risk losing your home or worse.

There are two kinds of smoke detectors, battery operated which can be installed anywhere, these need to be checked frequently to make sure the batteries are in good condition. The other type of smoke detector is an AC-powered one which is a lot more dependable in the long-run as they work on a direct-wired power source. However, it’s recommended you still have a battery backup for it so, in case of a blackout or something else that interrupts power, it can still operate.

How do you test your smoke alarm/detector?

All smoke alarms and detectors have a test button on them which, when pressed, causes the alarm to make a sound. To test your alarm, simply hop on a chair or use something which will allow you to reach the alarm on your ceiling and press the test button. If your alarm doesn’t make a sound change the battery. If there is still no noise, immediately replace the device with a new one.

It’s good practice to also keep your alarm clean by simply brushing it or dusting it, just to keep any dirt or dust out of the mechanism.

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