Steps To Avoid Electrical Injuries In The Workplace

As we become more dependent on electrical devices, the chances of electrical shock accidents and injuries have become higher, however, it doesn’t mean these can’t be prevented. There are ways injuries and accidents through electrical shock can be avoided in the workplace.


Remember to turn off


Whenever you’re cleaning or maintaining an electrical device, you need to ensure that all power sources are switched off. This is also good practice to do when you’re not using the device at all. By turning something that uses electricity off when performing any sort of maintenance on it, you’re avoiding the risk of being electrocuted.


Avoid aluminium ladders


When you’re working with electrical circuits or wires, in some cases you’re forced to use ladders but avoid ones that are aluminium as this material is an excellent conductor that will easily transmit electricity which will increase your risk of injury. The best choice of ladder is one made from fiberglass as this doesn’t conduct electricity.


Get it PAT tested


Nearly a quarter of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable equipment which is why portable appliance testing (PAT) is so important in the workplace. PAT testing is the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure that they are safe to use. It’s essential to have equipment PAT tested as, although some defects can be found by visual examination, some types can only be found through testing. If you require any PAT testing please get in touch!


Always use warning signs


All workplaces should have warning signs wherever there is risk of electrical shock. This should be clear and visible to see and will help prevent anyone getting an injury as with that pre-warning, they should take more care if they’re approaching that area.