Our core values are ever present

Our company ensures that our core values are present throughout every structure of our company.

These ensure we have a happy, healthy workforce that can handle anything that’s thrown at them. They are:


Quality First

What we do, we do first rate! From our high testing standards, to our excellent customer service, quality drives every decision we make.

Think Big

Innovation, creativity and daring keep us at the top of our game. We challenge the norm and embrace the future to keep getting better.

Salt of the Earth

We might be a national company, but we stay true to our Yorkshire roots acting with honesty, integrity and respect. We succeed with humbleness and a good dose of Yorkshire grit.

Team Effort

We get better results when we muck in together. We strive to empathise and support each other to get the job done.

Choose Positivity

We try to bring a positive outlook to every situation. We focus on solutions, not problems.

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