In line with the requirements of British Standard Code of Practice BS 5306 Part 3, Circuit Electrical Testing provides a qualified fire extinguisher maintenance service carried out by qualified and competent engineers.


We offer servicing and maintenance for all types of extinguishers including water, powder, CO2, foam and wet chemical.


We offer a comprehensive service and maintenance agreement for all fire safety equipment.


Regular maintenance of equipment ensures:


  • Equipment continues to comply with British Standards
  • Protection of initial investment of fire safety systems and equipment
  • Insurance requirements are met 
  • Peace of mind that equipment will work when it is needed most



The British Standard Code of Practice BS
5306 Part 3 states that fire extinguisher
servicing needs to be carried out at least
annually to ensure that the extinguishers
are safe and will always function in an
emergency. This is a service often carried
out in parallel with PAT, Fixed Wire and
Emergency Lighting tests.