Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire alarm testing is an absolutely essential component of Health & Safety for any employer. Ensuring that a company’s fire alarm systems are tested should be a matter of routine so you can help avoid any disasters!

Your fire alarm has been installed for a specific reason, to protect you, your building and everyone within it, and everybody depends on this system functioning correctly during in the unfortunate event of a fire. This is where we come in.

You will have a legal obligation to ensure that all of the fire alarms are in full working order and are in accordance with current regulatory standards, however, here at Circuit Compliance, we can make that legal obligation effortless for you. We have an expertly trained team who are all qualified and carry their relevant paperwork and identifications to ensure that all your fire alarms are in working order and guarantee that our periodic tests comply fully with the requirements set out in BS5839.

We test smoke detectors for functionality, as well as all bells and sounders to check sound levels throughout the building. We also check fire panels, battery back-up and installations. We provide certification detailing our inspection procedures and outlining any issues that may arise so we can help you put your mind at ease.

However, depending on your business premises will mean whether or not you need a fire alarm. You are unlikely to need a fire alarm if:

  • The premises is small, simple and single-storey or open plan.
  • You don’t store any high-risk substances or chemicals.
  • No high-risk activity occurs, such as cooking.
  • You have no vulnerable occupants such as elderly or children.
  • If a fire were to break out, it would easily be identified.

If you’re uncertain whether or not you need a fire alarm on your premises, then you can get in contact with one of our team who will be able to help you – we’re always up for a chat!

Here at Circuit Compliance, we ensure that all of our customers receive exactly the same high-quality service so that everyone receives an excellent experience through us and that our pricing structure is exactly the same throughout the UK. Once the maintenance is complete, we will provide you with a legal documentation informing you that your fire alarms have been serviced and we’re always here if you need us again in the future.

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