Fixed Wire Testing

Electrical installations can deteriorate with use and age, and periodic fixed wire testing is vital to ensure the safety of users and the safety and serviceability of equipment. Luckily, we have Mr Circuit on our side!

Also referred to as ‘hard wire testing’, ‘periodic inspection’ or ‘Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)’, fixed wire testing is a regime involving professional testing of the electrical systems, circuits and services carrying electricity around a building. It covers the majority of the hard wiring throughout a building, meaning items such as main panels, distribution boards, lighting, socket outlets and air conditioning are all covered.

The testing involves performing a number of inspections and electrical tests throughout the building. Our experienced team are always up to the task but be aware that the testing can cause some disruption to the site due to the requirements for disconnecting numerous electrical circuits during the testing. However, we always ensure that the hours we work are the most convenient for you to reduce the chance of disruption and get out of your hair in no time.

All fixed wire testing carried out by Circuit Compliance is conducted by qualified professionals in accordance with the Institute of Electrical Engineers Current Edition of the Wiring Regulations (BS7671) Guidance Note 3. We test for a range of issues including overloaded circuits, fire hazards, shock risks and lack of earthing/bonding, as well as identifying defective electrical work which could lead to future problems. We’ve got you covered!

  • We can work out of hours to minimise disruption, at no extra cost.
  • We provide comprehensive periodic inspection reporting.
  • We carry out a full range of remedial repairs where required.

EICR reports and testing costs as little as £6.35 per circuit. See our price list for more information.

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