Remedial Work

A test report is not a ‘pass’ certificate. It is a detailed technical document itemising the process of inspection and testing carried out, and reporting on any ‘damage, deterioration, defects and dangerous conditions within the installation’.

These issues must be acted upon promptly. If essential remedial work is not carried out following the testing process, then the employer or organisation could be liable for fault or negligence. Good news for you, we can help!

Circuit Compliance operates a nationwide network of qualified service engineers, operating with fully equipped vans carrying stock of spares to provide immediate solutions for many common remedial issues. In many cases, completing essential remedial works forms part of the original testing requirement, and we aim to provide a fast, reliable and professional service.

We recognise that for any business the safety of their customers and staff is absolutely vital (including ours!) so we ensure that all of your power sources are kept to a safe standard to help reduce the chance of issues arising and ensure that your business fully complies with the electrical Health and Safety legislation.

We will ensure that the correct electrical testing will take place and after the tests have been taken, you will be presented with a report that informs you of any damages or defects that could impact your business.

On the report, the results will fall into one of three potential codes:

  • C1 (Danger present): This is when the safety of those using the installation is at risk and is recommended that the remedial work is applied immediately.
  • C2 (Potentially dangerous): The safety of those using the installations may be at risk and is recommended that the remedial work is a matter of urgency. An example of a C2 is a foreseeable event occurring given the right circumstances.
  • C3 (Improvement recommended): This particular observation may not pose an immediate threat, but improvement would significantly enhance the safety of the electrical installation.

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