Lightning Protection

It is estimated that lightning strikes the ground in the UK over 300,000 times a year, presenting significant risks to both people and property.

The hazard is twofold, with damage caused by the initial strike and current surge as well as the consequences of fire and power loss which can also pose a risk to business continuity. Obviously, we want to avoid this.

All structures over five metres should install a compliant lightning conductor, providing electrical earthing and protecting against damage from lightning strike. This is where we come in!

British and European Standard require that all lightning protection systems are tested and inspected annually (BS EN 62305-1:2006 Protection against Lightning: General Principles).

Circuit Compliance lightning protection testing processes are carried out by qualified electricians. To ensure installations remain capable of conducting lightning strikes to a safe earthing point, our service includes:

  • A visual survey of the installation.
  • Checking the earth resistance.
  • Checking all joints and bonds for signs of corrosion.
  • Provision of a detailed report covering the installation and any necessary remedial works.

Our clients include local authorities, commercial businesses and educational establishments, and are backed up by full risk assessments. No matter what your business, we’ve got you covered.

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