Fire Extinguishers

In line with the requirements of British Standard Code of Practice BS 5306 Part 3, at Circuit Compliance, we provide a high-standard fire extinguisher maintenance service carried out by our incredible team of fully qualified engineers.

Fire extinguishers, when needed, have to work straight away so it’s absolutely vital to ensure that they’re regularly checked and serviced. Unregulated fire extinguishers have been known to cause serious damage so make sure you’re not caught out and get them checked!

We offer servicing and maintenance for all types of extinguishers including water, powder, CO2, foam and wet chemical.

We offer a comprehensive service and maintenance agreement for all fire safety equipment. Firstly, a visual inspection will be carried out, which will help determine if the location of the extinguisher is correct, if the visibility is easy enough for it to be seen, if the operating instructions are facing outwards and easy to read, if the condition of the extinguisher is adequate enough, if the pressure of the extinguisher is within safe operating limits and if any of the seals and tamper indicators have been broken. We do all of the hard work for you so there’s no excuse not to get your fire extinguisher checked!

Regular maintenance of equipment ensures:

  • Equipment continues to comply with British Standards.
  • Protection of initial investment of fire safety systems and equipment.
  • Insurance requirements are met.
  • Peace of mind that equipment will work when it is needed most.

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